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About IAAPS Company Formation Services

Company Formation

Explore our extensive suite of Company Formation Services, meticulously crafted to assist you in the seamless establishment of a prosperous and legally compliant business entity in Ireland. IAAPS is your trusted partner, well-versed in the complexities of company formation, and committed to providing unwavering support throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

What is Company Formation?

Company formation encompasses the legal procedures for establishing a new business entity, which include formal registration with the relevant government bodies, acquisition of essential licenses and permits, and the establishment of a structured framework for business operations.

Our Company Formation Services Include:

Consultation on Business Structure and Type
Preparation and Submission of Incorporation Documents
Assistance with Name Reservation and Approval
Share Capital Structuring and Allocation
Tax Registration and Identification Number Acquisition
Drafting and Filing of Memorandum and Articles of Association

Key Features of Our Company Formation Services:

Expert Guidance: Rely on our experienced professionals to navigate legal requirements and procedures.
Tailored Approach: We work closely with you to customize the company formation process to match your business goals.
Timely Process: Our efficient handling ensures a smooth and timely company incorporation.

Benefits of Company Formation Services:

Legal Recognition: Establish your business as a legitimate and recognized entity in Ireland.
Asset Protection: Create a separate legal entity to shield your personal assets from business liabilities.
Enhanced Credibility: Gain credibility and trust among potential clients, partners, and investors.
Tax Efficiency: Set up your business structure to optimize tax benefits and deductions.
Business Opportunities: Unlock opportunities for growth, expansion, and access to funding.


Professional guidance ensures accurate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We’ll assess your business goals and recommend the most appropriate structure, such as a Limited Company or Sole Trader.

Timelines can vary, but we ensure an efficient process to establish your business promptly.

Yes, we offer guidance and support in opening a business bank account.

While the process is similar, specific requirements may vary based on industry and business activities.

We’ll guide you through the required documentation, which may include identification, proof of address, and business details.

Begin your entrepreneurial journey with assurance and proficiency. Rely on IAAPS to expertly navigate you through the intricacies of company formation, guaranteeing a strong foundation for your business. Get in touch with us today to initiate the establishment of your new business endeavor.

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